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Are you worried about your future?

Do you fear that you will not have enough money for yourself and your family when you grow old?

Tell you what, this worry and fear of yours is very real.

I lead a ministry for the abandoned elderly called Anawim for 27 years now. We pick up old people from the streets and house them. All of them had jobs before, and they were earning money. But why did they end up begging in the streets? Because they did not know how to save and invest.

This is the story of not just the elderly in Anawim but of so many Filipinos.

You’ve got to learn how to invest. If you do not know how, then you have to be really worried because at the end of your life, you will have nothing for your own life and for the people that you love.

I want to share the solution to you.

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Now, it’s your turn!

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May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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